Post Script

5 Nov

Whine: Just heard gagging from the other room. I ran in to inspect and discovered Lil’ Sis throwing up. I figured she was choking on something, but when I went to fish around in her mouth to find it, I made her throw up more. Awesome. Two minutes later I discovered a leaf hiding in her mouth, neatly folded and stuck on the roof of her mouth.

Cheese: Exercise. A clean house. Homemade dinner. All in one day. What’s next? Up-to-date photo albums? Cleaned out closets? Don’t be ridiculous.


At the end of my last post I touted my ability to pretend to exercise. Well, something unfortunate happened today.

I exercised for real.

I’m not sure what got into me, except that when I got up this morning I was soooooooo crabby and I decided that if I ran hard enough, I could run the crabbies right out. So I went from being a non-runner to being a person whose crabbiness propelled her a full three point one miles. Oh, yeah, I ran a 5K today for NO APPARENT REASON except that I hate to be awake. And do you know what? It totally worked.

Question: Does it count as a “sports injury” if you’re too tired and sore to move?

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