Quick Hits

18 Feb

Whine: Six, count them, six basketfuls of clean laundry balance precariously on my love seat waiting to be folded.

Cheese: At least I have clean underwear now.


So, it comes down this choice, dear readers. Either I can post now, a rambling heap of the last week or so, or I can wait until I have time to to package it neatly and place a nice bow on top. We both know that time is not coming any time soon, don’t we? So, I’ve decided a few quick hits are in order.


In the last week I’ve . . .


. . . taken my kids to a doctor’s appointment at 8 o’clock at night. Both had ear infections.


. . . cleaned out my fridge and discovered that I could’ve treated the girls’ ear infections with what I found in there.


. . . woken up to find Big Sis watching Diego and eating a stick of butter-flavored Crisco like a candy bar. (Where was her father??)


. . . fished a pacifier out of a toilet, courtesy of Lil’ Sis and her newest hobby: Bobbing for Paci.


. . . came to pick up Big Sis from Sunday School. Found her sans shirt and huddled in her blankie. Apparently the toilet (that she was not using, of course) “overflowed.” Except that her shirt was completely wet, front and back, top to bottom. I was like, um, did she swim in it or what? I guess it didn’t technically overflow, it’s more like it sprung a major leak and sprayed everywhere. Except she was the only one who got wet at all.  I suspect the Toilet Trolls have a bounty out on her.


. . . witnessed Big Sis make some impressive potty-ing strides (complete with lunatic-Mommy-dancing-celebration and candy bribes) only to have her decide that was enough success and start holding everything in again. But she doesn’t eat much when she gets like this, so at least I’ll save some $$ on groceries. (Settle down, I’m just kidding. I’m not that callous. Yet. She is still my firstborn.)


. . . noticed that toilets are a major theme in my life. I’m not sure what to make of that, but it can’t be good.


But enough about me and my toilet fixation. I want to hear what you guys have been doing. So, I’m asking you to go to the comments section and finish this sentence with the craziest (publicly admittable and semi-true) thing you can.

“In the last week I’ve . . .”  

5 Responses to “Quick Hits”

  1. rachelle February 18, 2009 at 7:37 pm #

    -seen a shark and a mayan dancer
    -had a frapucinno- “you know they make me bloaty”
    -applied to be a yoga instructor
    -been under house arrest and had to hitch rides
    -gone to a police officer training graduation
    -read three magazine cover to cover and not one book

  2. Wee February 20, 2009 at 3:53 pm #

    -checked this blog daily minus one, to get that addictive leap of joy of a new post and knowing a little of your life. reread the previous one and its comments anyway and enjoyed myself thoroughly all over again!
    -given the kids mac&cheese for dinner twice and french fries, tortillas, and sliced colby-jack cheese once
    -used part of my “Mommy’s night off” time to enter personal receipts & balance the checkbook – neither of which had been done for 3 weeks prior – and another part of it to shop at Sam’s w/o children (!)
    -used the other parts of my Mommy’s night to browse at Borders and Kohls…less like me but more like what I’m supposed to do…and truly more healthy…
    -climbed precariously into the girls’ loft bed — (you would’ve wanted to see it! they have a climbing system that does NOT include a ladder, which is great for them but I am not so acrobatic) — to Precisely fold 3 blankets to prepare them for easy-pull-use for my 5&1/2-yr-old (yes, she has a personality and in fact may have been a reincarnation of the princess and the pea if there were such a thing as reincarnation) after telling her that it gives Mommy and Daddy a hard day when she comes in to sleep with us (often! and yes, she is a space-demanding-space-insistent sleeper) and that I will be locking my door and if she gets cold she will need to pull an extra blanket(s) on.
    -rejoiced at all the good decisions we’ve made lately regarding children that are making life easier for Mommy and Daddy, hence making life easier for our children too (we are much more fun to be around lately!)
    -been feeling philosophical and rejoiced at doing my own blogging vicariously thru your comments section since I can’t handle one of my own !
    Love you, You’re Amazing, Sis

  3. Christy February 25, 2009 at 2:09 pm #

    ok, so I love your blog! Ok, the crisco eating Sophie cracked me up! Did you get a picture of that???? Wow…how funny!! OK, so now that I have your site I can keep up 🙂

    to answer your question….
    -witnessed my baby girl start to crawl!
    -broken up more fights between the girls than I thought I would…maybe crawling isn’t so great!
    -swept my floor 1,000 times…spring must come or the grass better get green fast!…or i need to stop being so type -a!
    -I too cleaned out the fridge shelves and discovered the many tupperware containers that I thought were missing. Yea! It’s like Christmas – new tupperware!
    -attempted to make cod and was excited to start cooking fish for a change, but gagged and could not finish my meal ( not a fish eater) I will save the fish for those who really enjoy it!
    -took a much needed “mommy only” walk and realized I should do that more often.

  4. Alison February 25, 2009 at 11:18 pm #

    In the last week, I’ve…
    – cleaned toddler poop that was artfully arranged around the crib and other areas of the bedroom
    – cleaned dog throw-up (not so artfully arranged) in 3 places in the living room
    – cleaned baby spit-up that seems to land on every surface in the house
    – reminded myself, “You do have a master’s degree, you do have a master’s degree, you do have a master’s degree”
    – taken lots of deep breaths and observed “This too shall pass” 🙂

  5. Sars March 3, 2009 at 10:52 pm #

    Ok, so I’ve been AWOL for a while and am so thankful for the comments–they normalize my life a bit. In response:

    R-did you sign up to teach yoga yoga or yoga yoga yoga? 🙂

    Wee-by the looks of it, your week is very full. . .

    C-glad you found it. yeah, baby/sister/girl fights are a pain in the tush. i see another 18+ years of this. sigh.

    A-i’m noticing a theme. was your masters, perhaps, in waste management?? i could have used that one around here, for sure.

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