Disney Cars Racetrack Cake

Here are the directions for the Cars Racetrack cake I made for Big Sis’ 4th Birthday.


*1 large tray and plastic tablecloth

I covered the tray with the black tablecloth. (I used my handy dustbuster to remove stray crumbs when I was finished.)

*4 9-inch round cakes (I used 2 boxes of chocolate cake mix, prepared to package directions)

After baking and cooling the cakes, I used a large serrated knife to level the cakes.

*One batch of buttercream icing tinted white

Then I frosted between the layers with white buttercream and pushed the cakes together. Then I spread a ‘crumb coat’ of white around all four layers.

*One batch of buttercream icing tinted green

I used a star tip (maybe #29) and a pastry bag to pipe the grass around the racetrack.

*1 box Chocolate Teddy Grahams, crushed

I put bowls in the center of the racetrack while I sprinkled the crumbs. Then I finished piping the grass in the center of the racetrack.

*1 box Good & Plenty

I used the white Good & Plenty candies for the road dividers.

*2 toothpicks, 2 index cards, black marker, ruler

I made the checkered flags and adhered them to toothpicks.

*Die cast Cars characters

We put the cars on top, and Voila!

The Happy Birthday Girl

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