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Introducing: Tiny Tura

5 Feb

Whine: We are currently on Day 4 of Extreme Makeover: Oral Fixation Edition. Meaning no more pacifier for Lil’ Sis and no more sucking her fingers for Big Sis. Neither sister has found this process very enjoyable. At all. Lil’ Sis is currently voicing her displeasure from her crib. Putting her down for a nap used to take about a minute and a half. Now it takes an hour and a half. Sigh, the things we do for their own good usually stink for us, don’t they?

Cheese: The OB told me the baby is facing head down, so that’s a good thing, I guess. And it explains the painfully sharp sensations I’ve been feeling. Apparently this kid enjoys headbutting his Mommy. He’ll fit right in around here.

The REAL cheese, for today however, is that our family has a brand new member. Allow me to introduce my niece, Victoria:

I'm not sure whether I want to snuggle her or gobble her up. Both, definitely both.

She was born on Wednesday after putting her dear, sweet mother through a month of labor. And I am not kidding about that, people, I swear she started giving her Mommy contractions in late December. But I suppose there are perks to doing that kind of prep, since she only took two hours at the hospital to arrive.

Mr. Dad and I took the girls up there to meet their new cousin when she was just a few hours old. Although Victoria’s Mommy strongly discourages nicknames (i.e., just try calling her “Vicky” and see what happens), even she thought it was pretty cute when Lil’ Sis dubbed her new cousin “Tiny Tura.”  We felt really privileged to hold and kiss and snuggle such a fresh little creature. But I think we sorely underwhelmed her, as she just kept yawning the whole time we were there. Apparently we are old news. Either that or being born in under two hours is REALLY TIRING.

Victoria and Lahdee

Victoria and her cousin. He'll be head-butting her and pulling her pigtails before we know it.

 I’ve gotta give props to her Mama for having flawless makeup after giving birth with no drugs (I know, are you kidding me??). And to her Daddy for, well, whatever it is that Daddy’s do while the Mama is doing all the work.

Welcome, Victoria! We’re so glad to have you in our family!!

Lil’ Sis, Victoria and her Big Sis Elizabeth